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Stainless steel solid cored wire

Stainless steel solid cored wire

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  • Release date:2021-02-02
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Stainless steel solid core welding wire is available in inert gas shielded metal arc welding (TIG, MIG welding), can also be used in submerged arc welding wire. Stainless steel MIG welding not only can achieve efficient welding, but also easy to realize welding automation, widely used in the field of surfacing welding and sheet metal welding.

MIG welding with welding wire chemical composition and TIG welding wire, but for some varieties of stainless steel, there will be a higher SI content MIG welding wire, such as with ER308, ER309 wire corresponding ER308Si, ER309Si etc., due to containing SI is as high as 0.8%, reduces the surface tension of the molten metal drops, the molten drop particles and are easier to implement injection excessive, make arc more stable. At the same time, it can also improve the wettability of the molten metal, make the welding path wavy beautiful, not easy to produce incomplete welding, slag inclusion, pores and other lack of filling. Micro carbon chromium iron powder manufacturers think that submerged arc welding with stainless steel solid core welding wire, its chemical composition and gas welding stainless steel wire, but should be equipped with no strong in silicon-fluorine or manganese low silicon-high fluorine smelting flux.




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