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Stainless steel electrode

Stainless steel electrode

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  • Release date:2020-09-01
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Stainless steel electrode is coated with stainless steel as a kind of electrode. Can be divided into chromium stainless steel electrode and chromium nickel stainless steel electrode, widely used in chemical, chemical fertilizer, petroleum, medical machinery manufacturing and other industries.

In addition to meeting the general welding process and mechanical properties of the welding joint, the stainless steel electrode should also ensure that the welding joint can meet the requirements of certain corrosion resistance. The following requirements are usually taken into account for the coat and core:

1) Transfer various alloying elements through the core and coating to make the weld metal into austenite and ferrite structure with a certain amount, so as to ensure that the weld metal has good crack resistance and good corrosion resistance to the corresponding medium.

2) Through the core or coating, a certain amount of carbide forming elements (such as niobium, molybdenum, titanium, etc.) can be penetrated into the weld metal to form stable carbides with carbon, so as to prevent the grain boundary from forming chromium carbides.

3) The increase of carbon, will promote the austenitic stainless steel (or ferritic stainless steel) weld intercrystal corrosion, so the carbon content of the core and the raw material of the coating should be strictly controlled, it is recommended to use low-carbon or ultra-low carbon core, the use of low-carbon or carbon-free ferroalloy and metal elements as the raw material of the coating.

4) High carbon chromium iron powder manufacturers strictly control the sulfur and phosphorus content in the stainless steel welding core and coating, in order to reduce the risk of weld hot cracks.




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