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Ferrochrome powder

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Main USES of high carbon ferrochrome powder


High carbon ferrochrome powder is first used in the alloy products containing relatively high carbon tool steel, ball steel and ball steel, can improve the hardenability of steel to a certain extent, increase the wear resistance and hardness of steel. In cast iron, high carbon chromium iron powder is generally used as an additive, which can help improve the hardness and wear resistance of cast iron, thus improving the heat resistance of cast iron.


High carbon ferrochrome is mainly used in the production of stainless steel, of which 200 series stainless steel contains about 16% chromium, 300 series stainless steel contains about 25% chromium, 400 series stainless steel contains about 14% chromium. The 300 series stainless steels with a high demand for ferrochrome are also of high stainless proportions. It is the raw material of high, medium and low chromium iron powder.

The main raw materials used in the smelting process of high carbon ferrochrome are coke, silica and chromium ore. The content of magnesium oxide and alumina in chromium ore should not be too high. The granularity must be between 10mm and 70mm. In case of insoluble chromium ore, the grain size must be reduced moderately. Then there is the requirement of coke, its fixed carbon content is not less than 84%, particle size between 3 mm and 20 mm. Then according to the requirements of silica, good thermal stability, no soil, particle size between 20 mm and 80 mm.

Is mainly used in smelting high carbon ferrochrome powder, powder metallurgy and special welding material industries, at the same time need to pay attention to both high carbon ferrochrome and low carbon ferrochrome, after the smelting process of smelting slag, great hazard smelting slag formed after the water form the highly toxic, and easy to pollute the environment, the surface of the underground water is pollution, it also can lead to agricultural production. So you must pay attention to safety when you use it.


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