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Ferrochrome powder

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Vacuum treatment of micro - carbon ferrochrome powder



Microcarbon ferrochrome powder contains gas (mainly N2 and H2 gas), which accounts for 30% of the volume. It is used to float on the interface between molten steel and slag when making steel, so that the burning loss and recovery of chromium can be increased and reduced. Bubbling ferrochrome can cause a lot of metal loss when it is broken and packed. The vacuum solution of micro-carbon ferrochrome powder is the casting process adopted to reduce the alloy gas composition. It is will be filled with liquid ferrochrome powder hot metal ladle into the vacuum chamber, after sealing, vacuum pump vacuum about five minutes to seven minutes, vacuum value of 10.8 kPa - 13.5 kPa, then destroy vacuum, remove the hot metal ladle, to casting, can reduce the inclusion and the purpose of the gas, and surface smooth level off, reduce breakage and package loss.


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