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Ferrochrome powder

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Smelting method of micro-carbon ferrochrome powder



Smelting method: Electrosilicon-thermo smelting of micro-carbon ferrochrome powder is to add chromium ore, silicon-chromium alloy and lime to the arc furnace, mainly by electric heating to melt the waste in the furnace, the silicon in the silicon-chromium alloy to reduce the Cr2O3 in the chromium ore and make it.

Electric arc furnace is the equipment used in electrosilicon thermal process to smelting micro-carbon ferrochrome powder. It is divided into two types: open and covered. The output power is mostly below 500kV.A, and it contains equipment with on-load adjusting voltage to fit into the requirements of different operating stages. The charging wall is built with magnesia brick and graphite electrode is selected. The main raw materials for electrosilicothermal smelting of micro - carbon ferrochrome powder are chromium ore, silicon - chromium alloy and lime. And some with colloidal stones and scales of iron. Chromium ore shall be a dry, clean lump or concentrate with a lumpiness of less than 50 mm; Contains 40% Cr2O3>, Cr2O3/∑FeO>2.0, phosphorus content cannot exceed 0.03%. According to the type of the micro-carbon ferrochrome powder smelted to select different carbon content of si-Cr alloy.

Smelting of micro-carbon ferrochrome powder by heat exchange method: smelting of micro-carbon ferrochrome powder processing technology is the prior melting of chromium ore - lime solution and si-Cr alloy carrying furnace molten iron ladle in the heat exchange operation, and then to produce micro-carbon ferrochrome powder. According to the frequency of phased reduction of Cr2O3 in slag, the thermal exchange process can be divided into one-step thermal exchange, two-step thermal exchange and three-step thermal exchange.


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