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Ferrochrome powder

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Development and utilization of high carbon ferrochrome slag


The smelting slag of high carbon ferrochrome powder can be used as coal burning sulfur fixator, methane desulfurizer and paving material. At the same time, the smelting slag of high carbon ferrochrome powder can produce calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, and coal gangue grinding mixed firing brick, mixed firing clay blue brick, red brick, can replace dolomite used in the whirlwind furnace liquid slag discharge solvent and other functions. Today we will talk about the ferroalloy high carbon ferrochrome smelting slag waste utilization method.

Pavement: Chromium slag has the characteristics of hard and not easily broken, is a good material for highway roadbed, as a pavement material has the characteristics of low cost, compressive and abrasion resistance, roadbed is not easy to deformation, and can be widely used.

Casting stone production: Casting stone is a kind of acid-resistant, alkaloid-resistant and wear-resistant building material, which is widely used. The main raw material of casting stone production is chromium residue. The technology of using chromium residue to produce colored casting stone has been mature, showing a good utilization prospect, and it will have positive significance to waste utilization, environmental protection and economic benefit improvement.

As concrete aggregate and backfill: chromium residue can be used as concrete aggregate with different requirements after crushing and screening. It can be used in large backfill projects and retaining walls. Brick making: chrome slag broken to less than 5mm, mixed with lime, sand and other bricks in a certain proportion, can be used for the masonry of walls, bungalows and temporary buildings, characterized by low cost and a certain sales market.



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