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Action of chromium in high - carbon ferrochrome powder


Chromium in high - carbon ferrochrome powder is good for steel lifting. In the refining of weathering steel, stainless steel and other steel, a certain amount of chromium element will be added in the liquid steel. But the high carbon ferrochrome not only increased the chromium content in the liquid steel, but also increased the lack of carbon in the liquid steel. For ferrochrome, according to the number of carbon content can be divided into micro carbon ferrochrome, carbon ferrochrome, high carbon ferrochrome, etc., we look at the role of chromium element.

Chromium element: can increase the hardenability of steel and has the role of secondary hardening, can improve the hardness and wear resistance of carbon steel without making the steel brittle. When the content exceeds 12%, the steel has good high temperature oxidation resistance and oxidation corrosion resistance, and also increases the thermal strength of the steel. Chromium is the main alloying element in stainless steel acid-resistant steel and heat-resistant steel.

Chromium element: in the quenching and tempering structure of the main role is to improve the hardenability, so that the steel after quenching and tempering has a better comprehensive mechanical properties, in the carborundum can be formed in the carborundum containing chromium, so as to improve the wear resistance of the material surface.

Chromium element: can improve the strength and hardness of carbon steel rolling state, reduce the elongation and section shrinkage rate. When the chromium content exceeds 15%, the strength and hardness will decrease, and the elongation and section shrinkage rate will increase accordingly. Chromium - containing steel parts by grinding easily obtain higher surface machining quality.



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