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Precautions for transport of high carbon ferrochrome powder


High carbon ferrochrome powder is not dangerous goods, but with the gradual increase in market demand, the scope of application is expanding, by high carbon ferrochrome manufacturers of high carbon ferrochrome production, also need to be transported to different destinations. And in the process of transportation of high carbon ferrochrome, in order to ensure that high carbon ferrochrome in the process of transportation, will not affect its quality, will not appear unexpected accidents, or need to pay attention to some details.

Before loading high carbon ferrochrome powder, it is necessary to check whether the transport vehicle is safe, whether there are loopholes, rain prevention measures, packaging integrity, etc., to ensure that the vehicle can operate safely, in a reasonable loading. After filling the vehicle, it is necessary to complete the handover procedures to confirm whether the quantity and products to be loaded and transported are correct and complete.

In the process of transportation, the driver should regularly check the vehicle, check the ceiling and goods, to avoid leakage accidents, due to the process of driving, will inevitably appear a certain jolt vibration, so it is easy to cause damage to the packaging. Although high carbon ferrochrome factory products are not dangerous goods, but we in the transport, or need to pay attention to the choice of route, as far as possible to choose the road condition is better, less vehicle personnel road, avoid strong vibration, friction, tread, hit, prohibit throwing. Reduce the number of leaks.



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