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Ferrochrome powder

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Treatment of high carbon ferrochrome alloy powder


High carbon ferrochrome alloy powder is a kind of iron powder, the color is black, is the main raw material of powder metallurgy. According to the different granularity, it can be divided into five grades: coarse powder, medium powder, fine powder, fine powder and super fine powder. At the same time, iron powder mainly consists of reduced iron powder and atomized iron powder, which are named because of their different production methods.

Chromite slag treatment process process from the chromite slag gravity separation method to recover the chromite alloy, using two jig separation, respectively obtained coarse grain and fine grain chromite alloy particles, so that the benefit of chromite recovery is fully developed. First of all, a large chunk of chrome iron slag through the crusher broken into small pieces, small pieces of chrome iron slag into the thin jaw crusher for fine breaking, so that the particle size control within 30mm, after entering the bin.

Second, bunker beneath the electromagnetic vibration feeder, will break the ferrochrome slag after evenly into the AM30 jig for coarse jig sorting, coarse grain of ferrochrome and tailings, many fine grained tailings of for embedded cloth ferrochrome, need to use the rod mill AM30 to jig corrects the ore grinding, sand shape ferrochrome slag, access to the jig for secondary jigging separation, with fine grain of ferrochrome and waste residue. That's the way most of them are used today.



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