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Quality identification of high carbon ferrochrome powder


High carbon ferrochrome powder as a large purchase of products, to identify its stand or fall is very important things, so how to look at the quality of high carbon ferrochrome powder? High carbon ferrochrome production, raw materials are need of ferroalloy chrome ore, coke and silica, sometimes in order to adjust the slag type, need to add some white or dolomite, high carbon ferrochrome powder manufacturer is very high to the requirement of raw material, require a high content of useful elements, performance is good, good size, and greatly saving energy and reducing consumption, so want to see the stand or fall of quality of high carbon ferrochrome we can start from the raw material first.

Good high carbon ferrochrome for chromium ore requirements: chemical composition, Cr2O3≥38, Cr/Fe>2.2, P<0.08, C content is not more than 0.2, moisture content is not more than 18-22%; In the physical state, it is required that miscellaneous rocks, soil and other impurities shall not be mixed into the ore. The grain size of a chromium ore into the furnace shall be 5-60mm, and the amount of less than 5mm shall not exceed 20% of the total amount.

Requirements of good high carbon ferrochrome on coke: chemical composition requirements, fixed carbon >83%, ash <16%, volatilization between 1.5-2.5%, total sulfur no more than 0.6%, moisture no more than 10%, P2O6 no more than 0.04%; In the physical state, the coke size is required to be 20-40mm. The metallurgical material is not allowed to be too large or too broken, and it is not allowed to be mixed with soil, impurities and powder.



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