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Ferrochrome powder

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High carbon ferrochrome powder and metallic materials


Metal materials in a limited amount of construction under the condition of welding into design requirements artifacts, and meet the requirements of reserve service ability, the basis of iron, carbon alloy elements, the quality of high carbon ferrochrome powder fraction generally not more than 1.4% of the steel, metal material weldability refers to metal materials for welding processing adaptability, it includes technological weldability and the use of weldability, metal material's ability to adapt to all kinds of welding method, which is under the condition of certain welding technology can obtain the ability to meet the requirements of high quality welded joint, welding joint or whole structure meet the technical conditions of the ability to use performance, welding cold crack sensitivity index: The welding cold crack sensitivity index (Pc) not only includes the chemical composition of the base material, but also considers the hydrogen content of the deposited metal and the effect of the constraint conditions (plate thickness).

Generally, there is no need to preheat, control the temperature between channels and heat after welding, and there is no need to take heat treatment to improve the structure after welding, so to speak, in the whole welding

The plasticity and impact toughness of the joints welded without special process measures are also very good. However, it should be noted that 1) the base material of low carbon steel is not qualified, containing too much carbon and sulfur, and cracks may appear during welding; 2) The low carbon converter steel produced by the old smelting method has low welding joint quality and poor weldability due to high nitrogen content, many impurities, great cold brittleness and aging sensitivity; 3) Necessary measures should be taken in the process of welding rimmed steel to prevent cracks; 4) If the heat input is too large during welding, coarse crystal structure will appear in the over-heat area of the heat-affected area and the toughness of the heat-affected area will be reduced.



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