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Ferrochrome powder

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Traditional method of producing high carbon ferrochrome powder


High carbon chromium iron powder with chromium ore, silicon chromium alloy and lime in the electric furnace smelting, operation of electric energy to melt the charge, relying on the silicon in the silicon chromium to reduce the chromium oxide in chromium ore, thus to obtain micro carbon ferrochrome. In general, as long as the prior foundation parameters have been set, click the start icon, the system will automatically according to the original set parameters, precisely and correctly locate bin, weighing and feeding, feeding and control the car to walk all work, have synchronous graphics display on the screen, without artificial do do, both to reduce the work intensity of the workers, and improved the ingredients for precisely. At present our country USES this method, its error error is to contain % ~ 5% of the metal chromium (high temperature differentiation gives off oxygen to form), and the metal chromium is difficult to break up with the chromium oxide, with the chromium oxide all the way into the molten spray layer, so that the special wear resistance of the molten spray film, corrosion resistance and good general situation roughness is reduced. The reason is analyzed. Because of the presence of large amount of sodium ions, the ion density of silicon and phosphorus in plasma flame will decrease significantly. In addition, the interference of sodium ions will inevitably lead to the decrease of concentration gradient of silicon and phosphorus in the aspect of atomic emission intensity gradient. The refining method is divided into refining high carbon ferrochrome with chrome ore and refining high carbon ferrochrome with oxygen. When chromium ore concentrate is used for high carbon ferrochrome, the refining slag has higher viscosity and melting point, and the smelting temperature must be higher. Therefore, high power consumption, short lining life, carbon content is not easy to fall down. Oxygen smelting of high carbon ferrochrome has many advantages, such as high productivity, low cost and high recovery rate.

At present, the traditional production method is still electrosilicon thermal method. Electrosilicon-thermal method is to reduce the oxide of chromium and iron with the silicon in the silicon-chromium alloy under the condition of making basic slag in the electric furnace, so as to produce medium and low carbon ferrochrome.



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