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Introduction of microcomputer proportioning system for chromite powder smelting furnace


Brief introduction of chromite powder smelting process and its ingredients

In the process of chromite powder smelting, the microcomputer control system is a typical automatic batching control process. Ferrochrome is an alloy formed by intermelting of chromium and iron elements. The main function of ferrochrome powder is as deoxidizer and alloy agent for steelmaking. Zhejiang hengshan ferrochrome powder factory three branch factory is one specialized is engaged in smelting ferrochrome powder refining production plants, its smelting technology is adopted by the method of silicon chromium pile bottom, the main technological process is: with chrome ore, and lime in electric furnace smelting sicr, use electricity melt furnace charge, depend on the silicon to silicon chromium chromium trioxide in reducing chrome ore, resulting in low carbon ferrochrome. The main purpose of refining ferrochrome is to remove impurities and degassing, so as to obtain low and micro carbon ferrochrome powder with qualified composition, compact structure and full crystallization.

Composition of microcomputer batching system

A thorough understanding of the principle of its composition, the characteristics and interrelations of each link is beneficial to a correct understanding of the causes of errors in the batching process and the adoption of corresponding measures. They are lime, si-Cr alloy and cr ore, and their physical and chemical properties will affect the batch-control characteristics. Among them, lime has certain particle requirements, but in fact sometimes the pulverization is serious, there are a lot of powder, and the lumpiness of the newly made lime may be too large and block the outlet of the weighing hopper, resulting in the stop of feeding; Chromium ore is usually made of fine ore with good melting property, which is vibrated by eccentric striking motor, but it is difficult to unload in the season of plum rain, which will prolong the loading time. However, the chunkiness and fluidity of si-Cr alloy are uniform after crushing, which is the most favorable for weighing control.



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