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Ferrochrome powder

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Chromite powder is particularly stable in its chemical properties


Chromite powder and nitride chromite because of the chemical properties of chromium carbide and nitride inscription is particularly stable. Therefore, it is not easy to be dissolved by acid. In order to make the sample thoroughly differentiated, alkaline sodium peroxide is usually used to melt and acidify the sample under high temperature conditions, and then analyzed. So in the chromium iron powder, nitride in each element of the test time, long operation cycle, a lot of time wasted in the sample melt acidification pre-treatment process, in order to produce the demand for steel, can be promptly reported the results of the test. I refer to the related literature, on the basis of predecessors' work through the many experiments with standard samples, proposed a joint rapid analysis method determination of chromium in ferrochrome powder, ferrochrome nitride, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, has obtained the satisfactory effect, reduce the sample melting acidification beforehand disposal process, shorten the operation cycle, drop the inspection fee. In this paper, sodium peroxide was used to acidify at high temperature after constant volume, some test solution was transferred to a phenylo-anthranilic acid as an indicator, and the chromium content was directly determined by ferrous sulfate titration.

In order to eliminate the influence of chromium, a chromogenic solution with EDTA solution to remove the color of heptavalent manganese was used as a reference solution to measure the absorbance. By changing the determination of chromium, silicon, manganese and phosphorus in ferrochrome powder and ferrochrome nitrided into the method of joint rapid determination, the operation procedure is simplified, the analysis period is shortened, the efficiency is improved 24 times than the method of analysis in the literature, the demand of rapid steel production is satisfied. Using this method to ferrochrome powder, chromium iron nitride chromium, silicon, manganese, phosphorus determination alone to joint system, with chromium iron powder standard sample experiment results show that the method can not only shorten the analysis period, lower analysis cost, and have higher accuracy, analyze the results of error completely within the scope of the national standard error, can be used to produce inspection and quality control.



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