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Ferrochrome powder

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Different kinds of ferrochrome powder have different USES


Different kinds of ferrochrome powder have different USES

Every metal can form ferrochrome powder with other metals or nonmetals, and different ferrochrome powders are used for different purposes. Below, introduce the usage of several kinds of ferrochrome powder in detail for everybody.

USES of ferrochrome powder:

Chromite is mainly chromium and iron chromite powder, which also contains carbon, silicon and other elements. According to the different carbon content, ferrochrome can be divided into high carbon, medium carbon, low carbon and micro carbon ferrochrome. Ferrochrome powder containing sufficient amount of chromium and silicon is ferrochrome powder.

Chromium element in chromium iron powder added to steel can change the characteristics of steel, improve the toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of steel, so chromium is stainless steel, tool steel and bearing steel and other indispensable elements.

In addition, chromium can be strongly passivated, the increase of chromium content in steel, its antioxidant capacity enhanced. Therefore, the main use of ferrochrome is to produce stainless steel.

USES of ferrovanadium:

Ferrovanadium is used for smelting high quality steel and special steel. Vanadium is both a component of ferrochrome powder and a deoxidizer. Vanadium can improve the toughness, elasticity and strength of steel, making steel with high wear resistance and impact resistance.

USES of ferrosilicon and ferrochrome:

Ferrochrome ferrosilicon is widely used in steelmaking, ferrochrome powder and other industrial sectors.

In the steelmaking industry, ferrosilicon is mainly used as deoxidizer and ferrochrome powder. Adding a certain amount of silicon in steel can significantly improve its strength, hardness and elasticity, so it is used as ferrochrome powder in the production of structural steel, tool steel, spring steel and other kinds of steel.

Ferrosilicon is an important inoculant and spheroidizer in the cast iron industry. In the production of ferrochrome, ferrosilicon is often used as a reducing agent.



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