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Do not overuse microcarbon ferrochrome powder


Our company is a professional micro carbon ferrochrome powder manufacturer, with many years of production and sales experience, with the low carbon life is recognized by everyone, the harm of high carbon overuse has become a matter of concern. As an important part of micro-carbon ferrochrome powder, we also have a certain understanding of high carbon, and we will share it with you.

1) Cars, especially private cars, emit carbon dioxide in their exhaust gas, which causes the greenhouse effect. Therefore, it is advocated to buy low-emission cars now.

2) Coal is used as energy, and carbon dioxide is still discharged after combustion, so we advocate the use of green new energy sources

3) Single-sided printing paper disposable chopsticks felled excessive trees.

Go against low carbon life, will lead to increase in carbon dioxide emissions, pollution of the environment, abnormal climate. It is often said that we must protect the earth, but in essence we must protect ourselves. For even if the earth's trees were cut down, thousands of years later there would still be lush forests; Run out of fuel, fill the earth with carbon dioxide, and in a million years, carbon dioxide will return to normal levels. These times are only moments for earth. But it's a long time for humans. The earth will not be destroyed by man. It can return to its original state after the extinction of the human race by virtue of its powerful word repair ability. So protecting the environment is actually protecting ourselves.

The raw materials of micro - carbon ferrochrome powder in oxygen top - blown refining are micro - carbon ferrochrome powder, chromium ore, lime and si - chromium alloy. The raw materials of micro - carbon chromium iron powder in refining are chromium ore, silicon chromium alloy and lime. Chromium ore should be dry and pure lump ore or concentrate, in which the higher the content of Cr2O3, the better, the lower the content of impurity, the better. The phosphorus content in chromium ore shall not be greater than 0.03% and the particle size shall be less than 60mm. Si - Cr alloy should be broken, particle size less than 30mm, no residue. Lime should be freshly fired and contain not less than 85% CaO. High temperature is required for micro - carbon ferrochrome liquid of converter, usually between 1723-1873K. The chromium content of molten iron is more than 60%, the silicon content is less than 1.5%, and the sulfur content is less than 0.036%. Chromium ore is used as slag-making material, the SiO3 content in chromium ore should be low, MgO, Al2O3 content can be appropriately higher, its viscosity should not be too large. Lime is also used as a slagging material, and the requirements are the same as those of the electrosilicothermal process. Si-cr alloy is used to reduce high chromium slag in the later stage of blowing. Generally, si-Cr alloy powder can be used under the screen after crushing.



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