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Ferrochrome powder

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Effect of microcarbon ferrochrome powder


Microcarbon ferrochrome powder is an ideal compound deoxidizer and desulfurizer and is now very important in many tests. Below, let's understand the micro carbon ferrochrome powder on ultra-low carbon steel maintenance slag have what kind of effect?

In the maintenance of ultra-low carbon steel with a temporary into number must be strong reducing agents, such as micro powder carbon ferrochrome, ferromanganese powder and aluminum powder, etc., because of the low carbon ferrochrome powder affinity for oxygen than carbon, in the maintenance of priority and oxygen reaction, in the process of slag melting down oxidation speed of carbonaceous materials, could be dropped in amount of carbonaceous materials still have skeleton particles.

It is difficult to avoid the problem of carbon increase when the carbon content is more than 1.0%.

When the carbon content is less than 1.0%, the content of strongly reducing substances should be controlled within the range of 0.5% ~ 5.0%.

If the content of micro-carbon ferrochrome powder and other strong reducing material is short of 0.5%, the maintenance slag melting speed is too fast.

If the content of strong reducing substances such as micro-carbon ferrochrome powder exceeds 5%, it will show strong reducing substances are not completely oxidized and remain in the maintenance slag. 1, because the silicon calcium alloy can replace the final deoxidation of aluminum, so micro-carbon ferrochrome powder can be used in the production of excellent, special steel and special alloy temporary. Such as rail steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel and other types of steel and special alloys such as nickel-based alloy, titanium-based alloy, can be used as microcarbon ferrochrome powder deoxidizer.

2, Si-Ca alloy is also suitable for the converter steel workshop used as a temperature, si-Ca alloy can also be used as cast iron inoculant and ductile iron in the production of additives.



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