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Ferrochrome powder

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The raw material of ferrochrome powder


High carbon ferrochrome (containing carbon for 4~8%), medium carbon ferrochrome (containing carbon for 0.5~4%), low carbon ferrochrome (containing carbon for 0.15~0.50%), micro carbon ferrochrome (containing carbon for 0.06%), ultra-micro carbon ferrochrome (containing carbon less than 0.03%), metallic chromium, si-Cr alloy ferrochrome: ferroalloy made of chromium and iron, is the primary alloy additive for steelmaking. Chromite used in the practice of ferrochrome usually begged to contain Cr2O340 ~ 50%, chromium and iron ratio is greater than 2.8. Many of the "charge grade chromite" with a chromium content of 50% produced in recent years use ores with a low Cr2O3 and cr/fe ratio.

According to the different carbon content of ferrochrome is divided into high carbon ferrochrome including charging grade ferrochrome (C≦10%), medium carbon ferrochrome (C≦ 4.0%), low carbon ferrochrome (C≦ 0.5%), micro carbon ferrochrome (C≦ 0.15%) and so on. There are commonly used silicon chromium alloy, nitride ferrochrome and so on. Ferrochrome is primarily used as an alloy additive in steelmaking, and has been involved in the later stage of steelmaking. Practice stainless steel and other low carbon steel, it is necessary to use low, micro - carbon ferrochrome, so the production of iron chromite has been a larger scheme opened. Because of the improvement of steelmaking skills, now with AOD method (see furnace essence) and other steel production, such as stainless steel, with carbon ferrochrome (the primary level of ferrochrome charging) furnace, so only in the later period to add low, micro carbon ferrochrome adjustment composition, so now the focus of ferrochrome production is refining carbon ferrochrome.



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